Martin Wellings Essay

An essay by Wellings on Tyerman appears in Making Evangelical History: Faith, Scholarship and the  Evangelical Past.

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Tyerman Letter


A letter by Tyerman can be found here

Tyerman's Works

1866 The Life and Times of the Reverend Samuel Wesley 

1871 The Life and Times of the Reverend John Wesley (in 3 volumes)

1873 The Oxford Methodists

1876, 1877 The Life of the Reverend George Whitefield (in 2 volumes)

1882 Wesley's Designated Successor: The Life of the Reverend John Fletcher

The Oxford Methodists depicted

This frontispiece appears in an edition of Tyerman on The Oxford Methodists


Oxford Methodists Who's Who?

The plan of the book on the Oxford Methodists by Tyerman is to omit Whitefield and the Wesleys for obvious reason and to focus on five men who each get a chapter - 

Clayton, John, 1709-1773
Ingham, Benjamin, 1712-1772
Gambold, John, 1711-1771
Hervey, James, 1714-1758
Broughton, Thomas, 1712-1777

Several others are covered more briefly, namely Robert Kirkham, William Morgan, etc at the beginning and then at the end seven others - Boyce, William Chapman, Charles Kinchin (c 1711-1742), Richard Hutchins (1698-1791), Christopher Atkinson, John Whitelamb 1707-1769 and Westley Hall 1711-1776.